Budget-Friendly Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

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3 min readApr 10, 2022

Bathroom renovation is one of the best renovations you can do to your home, renovation to the bathroom ups the overall game of your house. whenever you sell or rent your house, the property with good washrooms are always more in demand.

Here are some super awesome and budget-friendly ideas for bathroom renovation somerset

· Suspended Cabinets

Floating or under-the-sink cabinets are a great idea to keep your bathroom free of clutter and give it a stylish look. Skip end to end cabinets are suspended under the sink

· Refurbish old Bathroom Cabinets

Replaying your old cabinets can be costly for you. Instead, you can renovate the present ones with a splash of colour or any new detail. You can also remodel the doors with wood-look laminates; this will translate your dull bathroom into something new and fun.

· Modern Shower Panels

You can also replace your old boring shower panels with modern, sleek panels. With this, they will make your morning shower a more refreshing one, but they look fabulous. You can have ones with different functions and complications till your budget allows, or even have a simple large sunflower style one or a versatile handheld shower.

· Upgrading your Bathroom Hardware and Fittings

Bathroom fittings begin to look tarnished and lose their spark after some time. An instant and cost-effective to upgrade your bathroom would be upgrading its hardware — towel rails, faucets, cabinet knobs, paper holders, drawer handles, etc .you can also coordinate the metallic accents to the fittings with ones of lighting fixtures to give a seamless, cohesive look.

· Hidden Cistern Toilets

Toilets with hidden flush tanks fit well in contemporary bathrooms, and you can change the old toilet or create a faux wall for it than remodelling the entire bathroom. Opting for a low flow tank will save a lot of water too.

Playing with the lighting of Bathroom Renovation Somersets:

Lighting is a very important factor, and it can make or break your renovation. Good lighting sets the mood. Bathrooms with adequate natural lighting are not very common, and positioning lighting strategically can up the ambience game of your bathroom. You can use LEDs, and it will be conducive to your shaving and makeup. You can install hidden lights or backlit mirrors, and the fancier they are, the more exciting play of light and shadow will be there

1. Installing Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are handy, and if tied with other decor and make it look aesthetic, floating shelves can be installed parallel to each other or can stand alone. If installed in the best way can look good.

2. Oversized Mirror

The large mirror even works in small bathrooms. They make them look bigger and lighter than they are. Mirrors come in various sizes, frames, and shapes; having huge mirror sizes and structures that match what your bathroom will look like is amazing.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on renovating your old bathroom. Just some simple tricks and adjustments here, smartly to the existing bathroom using bathroom renovation somersets can help you remodel your bathroom.



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